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Friday, December 17, 2004

Welcome To Wherever You Are

If you care to know, welcome to my world.

My name is Jonathan Leary, and I'm a man who's trying to escape a horrid past plagued with bad decisions, horrid mistakes, and more than my fair share of moments where common sense simply eludes me. But alas, I'm human, and I'm doomed to little personal coups like that, just like everyone else.

The nice thing about being human, though, is that we have the capability to learn from these mistakes and carry forward, fixing what little of the future we can based on the failures of the past. Not the most enjoyable way to tolerate an existance, I'm sure. But hey, that's just another part of the joy of being human...

By trade, I am an author, but an author of what, I do not know. In my past life, I honed my skilles writing stories based on ideas already existing, conceived originally by someone else. Now, though, I feel as if I'm ready to unleash my own creativity onto the world. Have I been published? Yes and no, as it happened in the past in my former life. Can you find my past work? Probably, but unless you're familiar with my style (which none of you are yet), then you probably wouldn't know it was mine to begin with.

As for my title, Seasons In Exile, I chose it because that is where I am. I have no real home anymore, as I have exiled myself from my homeland for very personal reasons. While I may speak of memories from that time here, I will not divulge any great details about my former life. To know that part of me is to know emotional and physical pain far beyond the norm, and it wouldn't be fair to all of you.

This is not to say that I am a morbid character. Heavens no. Despite all that has happened to me, I have managed to retain my sense of humor and generally cheerful disposition. A lot of people define life as a "roller coaster" filled with ups and downs. Those who chose to end their lives don't see the fact that, with downs, there must come ups. Let's call that Leary's Law of Life #1. Despite the downs I have experienced, especially in the past decade, there has to be at least some sort of up, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to others. It's that potential up that keeps me happy-go-lucky, as it were.

So, off we go then, right? Right...


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